Friday, March 1, 2013

Shameless self-promotion

I will be presenting at the 2013 California American Studies Association annual meeting to be held at San Diego State University on April 26 and 27. The official program is not yet available, but I have been informed I will be presenting during the last panel on Friday, April 26. I am listed as the first of three presentations to be held from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. Below I have pasted my conference paper's title and an abstract. I hope to see you there. (And if you do come to check it out, try watching The King before you make it for a better experience!)

The Desire of Representation and the Limits of the Post-Racial: A Psychoanalysis of Race in James Marsh's The King (2005)

This investigation is both a critical race study and psychoanalysis of Chicana/o subjects in James Marsh’s film, The King. The objective of the presentation is to explain how Marsh’s film stumbles upon a paradox in racial visual representations as it tries to capture the story of a Chicano neurotic who actively seeks to repress the racialization of the gaze and the lenses of the camera by attempting to obfuscate or make unclear the value of the narrative elements of race—mainly, his memory and ethnic history. Marsh’s film presents a contradiction insofar as it attempts to frame the plot as an oedipal post-racial dystopia that at the same time adheres to typical white-masculinist desires in the representation of Chicanas/os in film. Beyond its flaws, I argue that the film provides the audience with valuable questions regarding race, including a scenario by which to test Antonio Viego’s theories regarding psychoanalysis and Latinas/os that suggests race as a priori to language.

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