Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dear Bridge Writers: Let Them Speak Like They Would

FX television series, "The Bridge," which is based on the Swedish-Danish TV series "Bron," is one of the best television shows on TV right now. It is suspenseful, gripping, and very well filmed. Amazingly enough, the adapters of the FX television series decided to restructure the story line to more accurately reflect conflicts domestically, and instead of choosing any random bridge, they decided that the story would revolve around the bridges connecting Ciudad Juárez, Mexico with El Paso, Texas: some of the most heavily trafficked veins into the United States and the portals to one of the most violent cities in Mexico.

Without telling you enough to ruin the story, I can say that the series does engage with border culture unlike previous television programming that often cared very little for accurate representations of Latina/o communities. It employs known Mexican actors and actresses, including Demián Bichir in a leading role, it takes the camera across the border and into Mexican homes, and it lets them speak Spanish!

Oh, but about that... why do they have to translate themselves every time they say something in that language? Why don't they do the same with English? Or, what about subtitles? Can't American audiences read anymore?

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