Web Projects

Latin@ Literatures - Co-Editor-In-Chief and Lead Design. An online source for contemporary discussion on Latina/o literature and culture. The journal’s principal objective is to provide an avenue for the publication and dissemination of new fiction by Latina/o writers and a space for philosophical engagement in topics dealing with Latina/o culture. @ www.latinoliteratures.org.

Postmodern Culture - Former webmaster: 2011-2015. Founded in 1990 as an experiment in scholarly publishing on the Internet, Postmodern Culture has become the leading electronic journal of interdisciplinary thought on contemporary cultures, publishing the work of such noted authors and critics as Kathy Acker, Charles Bernstein, bell hooks, Susan Howe, and Bruce Robbins. PMC combines high scholarly standards with broad appeal for non-academic readers. As an entirely web-based journal, PMC can publish still images, sound, animation, and full-motion video as well as text. Published by Johns Hopkins University Press with support from the University of California, Irvine. @ www.pomoculture.org.

Blog Rascuache - Main personal blog. @ www.lineaeneldesierto.blogspot.com.

Love Poems from Titan Prison - A science poetry collection of love poems. @ www.fromtitanprison.blogspot.com. (Private, please e-mail me at fabiochee@gmail.com if you would like reading access).